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Formerly Known As Alabama Children's Classic

We are no longer using the web address alchildrensclassic.org. We now support multiple charities and wanted to broaden our scope of offerings on our website. Alabama Classic is our new name and alclassic.com is our new website home.

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2020 Classic...

Even with the pandemic, civil unrest and just plain ole hot weather the classic was still a success!

With over 70 boats and 48 teams weighing fish we had 220 fish weighed which equaled 708 pounds of mossy back bucket mouths!

Congratulations to Heath and Ethan Greene for winning this year with a total of 23.46 pounds!

James Robert Rosen weighed in a tournament record 9.58 largemouth monster! Congratulations James Robert! You made history!

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Capt. Sam Williams Lake Eufaula Fishing Report - 07/09/2020

Water Level - 189.82 msl

Water Temp - mid 80's

Water Clarity - Stained

The water level is holding steady with a slight rise as we are in between these two fronts and the rains continue. The rains are aggravating to fishermen at times but we must remember, we live and fish in a farming community and the rain is the life blood for the farmers livelihood. The shallow bite is still holding strong. The morning frog bite has heated up in the pads and isolated grassy areas.  Trick worms, shaky heads and swim jig’s are a great choice to work these same areas. The blade baits are still working as well. These fish have been hit hard with all the tournaments being held here lately. With the restrictions from the virus shut down , all these trails are holding make up events now. It is not hurting our fishery at all, it just means we need to work these areas slower to finesse a strike. We are also experiencing a huge May Fly hatch this week. The blue Gills are feeding heavily in these areas, the bass are feeding on the Gills. These strikes are reaction bites and will keep us on out toes. We have also had another shad hatch. You can see these balls of bait working the surface and the schools of bass and hybrids are feeding on them. Blade baits and lipless crank baits worked through these bait pods will get you some great action.

The deeper bass are scattered on the trash piles on the first drops near the shallow areas holding fish. Deep cranks, Carolina rig’s, heavy Texas rigs with big worms and jig’s worked through these areas are a great bait choice. If you need a slower, deep presentation, rig a lipped crank or a floating rattle trap on your Carolina rig and work it through these areas. Choose a lure the size of the bait you find in the area.

Crappie remain on the deeper structure in the creeks. Jig’s with minnows and minnows on an Aberdeen hook will get you a great mess of fish.

Blue gills are feeding on the May Fly's along the banks and Cypress trees. Toss a beetle spin in t

God Bless & Good Fishin'
Capt. Sam
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Our Mission

Whether it's finding a cure, improving the quality of life or simply giving a helping hand, our goal is to not only raise money but to raise awareness.

Our team is dedicated to providing our community with a fun, safe and giving event year after year. Planning for an event doesn't start after the last one it starts during the last one. We are commited to our cause and doing our part one fish at a time.