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Alabama Classic Bass Tournament

June 12, 2021 - Lake Eufaula

2021 Total Purse - $15,000.00

  • First Place - $5,000.00
  • Second Place - $3,500.00
  • 15 Places Paid
  • 1st & 2nd Big Bass Paid

Formerly Known As Alabama Children's Classic

We are no longer using the web address alchildrensclassic.org. We now support multiple charities and wanted to broaden our scope of offerings on our website. Alabama Classic is our new name and alclassic.com is our new website home.

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2020 Classic...

Even with the pandemic, civil unrest and just plain ole hot weather the classic was still a success!

With over 70 boats and 48 teams weighing fish we had 220 fish weighed which equaled 708 pounds of mossy back bucket mouths!

Congratulations to Heath and Ethan Greene for winning this year with a total of 23.46 pounds!

James Robert Rosen weighed in a tournament record 9.58 largemouth monster! Congratulations James Robert! You made history!

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Capt. Sam Williams Lake Eufaula Fishing Report - 02/10/2021

Water Level - 188.5 msl

Water Temp - Mid 40's

Water Clarity - Muddy

Lake Eufaula, Alabama

The cold rainy conditions continue. The fish are in their winter, cold water mode. It takes a lot of patience to aggravate a strike. I talked to a friend who fished a tournament Saturday; he found a good school in about 10 feet of water, worked his Carolina rig in the fish, watched one mess with the worm and drop it. They would not commit to the bait for any reason. Using floating hard bait on the Carolina rig gives them an exposed hook when they mess with it and you increase your chance to hook the fish. Chatter baits and lipless crank baits ate a great choice. They create a reaction strike and the hook up is more in your favor. Watch the shallow cover when the sun gets up, it warms the surface a little and can cause the bait fish to become active. Use a Spook or Twitch bait and stir the water with it. The more action the better. The feeding birds are also a good sign the bait are active, even if they are not visible on the surface.

Crappie are on the drops in 12 to 20 feet in the trash piles .The muddy water makes it difficult for them to see the bait. Minnows floated just above them are your best bet.

Catfish are eating cut bait on jugs in the creeks. Keep your line a little deeper to reach some warmer water. Use cut bait; the smell travels further in the dirty water causing more action.

We are getting closer to the Scott Woodruff Heart Transplant Tournament March 20, 2021 at Lake Point State Park.  Registration is open on line at Albany Bass Club web site, boat numbers are assigned by receipt of paid entry forms. The big fish side pot is 100% pay back split between the two biggest fish caught. The proceeds go to the National Transplant Foundation in the account of Scott Woodruff.

The Alabama Classic Bass Tournament is scheduled for June 12, 2021 with the proceeds going to SOAR for Niemann-Pick disease research and Darby’s Warrior Support to benefit post 9/11 combat and PTSD heroes with hunting and fishing outings. Registration is also open at www.alclassic.com. Boat numbers here will also be assigned by receipt of paid entry fee and big bass side pot is 100% payback for two biggest fish brought to the scales. We are blessed with Alfa Insurance coming onboard as our new Title Sponsor, guaranteeing our first place team a $5000.00 check and that increases our total payout to $15,000.00. If you have questions you can contact me about both events at 334-355-5057.

Be safe on the water, dress warm and stay dry. Hunting season will be closed by the time this report is printed, so there will be more anglers on the water. There will also be smaller boats out there, remember by law, they have the right away; show them some courtesy and respect. Pray for one another in these changing times in America, God is always in control we can depend on Him.

God Bless & Good Fishn’

Capt. Sam

God Bless & Good Fishin'
Capt. Sam
Hawks Fishing Guide Service

Our Mission

Whether it's finding a cure, improving the quality of life or simply giving a helping hand, our goal is to not only raise money but to raise awareness.

Our team is dedicated to providing our community with a fun, safe and giving event year after year. Planning for an event doesn't start after the last one it starts during the last one. We are commited to our cause and doing our part one fish at a time.