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The Date for the Alabama Classic has been Moved to OCTOBER 16, 2021

Alabama Classic Bass Tournament

October 16, 2021 - Lake Eufaula

2021 Total Purse - $15,000.00

First Place - $5,000.00

Second Place - $3,500.00

15 Places Paid

1st & 2nd Big Bass Paid

Formerly Known As Alabama Children's Classic

We are no longer using the web address alchildrensclassic.org. We now support multiple charities and wanted to broaden our scope of offerings on our website. Alabama Classic is our new name and alclassic.com is our new website home.

Welcome Native Outdoors!

Welcome Bass Cash Bash!

Welcome Power-Pole!

Congratulations to John Pearson from Perey Georgia for winning the two Power Poles giveaway!!!

2020 Classic...

Even with the pandemic, civil unrest and just plain ole hot weather the classic was still a success!

With over 70 boats and 48 teams weighing fish we had 220 fish weighed which equaled 708 pounds of mossy back bucket mouths!

Congratulations to Heath and Ethan Greene for winning this year with a total of 23.46 pounds!

James Robert Rosen weighed in a tournament record 9.58 largemouth monster! Congratulations James Robert! You made history!

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Alabama Classic Sponsors

Mister Twister
Piggly Wiggly - Eufaula
Superior Pecan Co.
Satterwhites Furniture
Cajun Corner - Eufaula
Just Another Shop - Eufaula
Cotton & Kidzu - Eufaula
SS Marine Products - Gator Guard
Red Lobster - Dothan AL
Ande Monofilament
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Moe's Jigs
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Fitzgerald Rods
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Egret Baits
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Killingsworth Hardware - Clayton AL
RTIC Coolers
Food Giant
Price Drug Co. - Eufaula
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Tractor Supply - Eufaula
Little Ceasars - Eufaula
Pizza Hut - Eufaula
Barb's Country Kitchen - Eufaula
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Scenic Cable Productions
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Big Hammer Swimbaits
Inked & Stitched - Eufaula
Daiichi Fish Hooks
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Simple Cuts Lawn Care - Leesburg GA
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Pepper Pot
Walmart - Eufaula
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Big H chicken
Captain D's
Blue Moon
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Michelle's Buffet - Georgetown
Tisa's Cakes - Eufaula
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Native Outdoors

Capt. Sam Williams Lake Eufaula Fishing Report - 06/11/2021

Water Level - 188.35 msl

Water Temp - 80'sstain

Water Clarity - muddy - heavy

Lake Eufaula, Alabama

The heavy rains this week have brought the water level closer to normal. If the level holds steady, we will be able to access the areas along the flats and cover again. The pads are trying to come back in some areas, if you can find them; the frog bite and surface blade bite are getting stronger every day.

The blue gills were spawning and the bass were feeding on them. That bite was strong while it lasted. We witnessed some may fly action for a day or so and it disappeared as quickly as it started. Working a Texas rig or shaky head from the bank back to the first drop has been getting a lot of action. June bug, watermelon red and watermelon candy soft plastics have been the trick. Now that the water is coming back up, look for the off shore grass patches and use a light Carolina rig with a short leader. Throw it beyond the cover and work it back through. The same color worms and creature baits are working here also.  Chatter baits and rattle traps are doing well on the outside edges of the cover.

Crappie are on the deeper structure. Minnows and jigs tipped with minnows are getting a good mess for the supper table. Look for the manmade and natural cover on the ledges.

Catfish are eating well, jugs are always fun and you can cover a large area with them. Cut bait is the answer here or you can catch fresh shad. The bottom cats are eating worms in the ledges. You can get into a good bed of squealers on the first drops in the creeks. These little rascals make the best meal with some corn bread and cheese grits.

Blue gill are all over the banks, crickets and worms are a good bet for this action. The shell crackers should be on the flats on the next full moon.

Be sure and keep plenty of sun tan lotion and water on these hot summer outings. Be sure and be aware of the weather forecast and watch for the pop up summer afternoon storms. Fishing is the perfect summer time activity for families to make life time memories, weather you are fishing from the bank or a boat.  Always be aware that this Lake Eufaula is really a river and the currents can be tricky and dangerous. We have heard news reports of the lives lost on the river this summer. Be safe and keep live jackets on the youngsters.

We have moved the Alabama Classic Bass Tournament to the third weekend of October from now on. We thank Alfa Insurance for joining our team as our Title Sponsor, guaranteeing our first place team a $5000.00 check, increasing our total pay out to $15,000.00 for the top 15 winning weights. Please go to www.alclassic.com and sign up for our news letter and keep up with the latest news.

Pray for one another, our military and police as they work to keep us safe and free.

God Bless & Good Fishn’

Capt Sam

Hawks Fishing Guide Service

334 355 5057

God Bless & Good Fishin'
Capt. Sam
Hawks Fishing Guide Service

Our Mission

Whether it's finding a cure, improving the quality of life or simply giving a helping hand, our goal is to not only raise money but to raise awareness.

Our team is dedicated to providing our community with a fun, safe and giving event year after year. Planning for an event doesn't start after the last one it starts during the last one. We are commited to our cause and doing our part one fish at a time.